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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Devotion aura
Gives additional armor to party members (735 at rank 7; 20% more with 5 points in improved devotion aura talent). The % of mitigation generated from devotion aura (see armor stat) is very small on a plate wearer like our class, may vary from ~4% if you wield a 2 hand weapon to a mere ~2% if you are equipped with a shield. This aura can be pretty useful for caster equipped with cloth adding them a better mitigation percentage than ours. However caster classes normally find Concentration aura more useful. Unfortunately it’s the aura used from 90% of the paladin class 99% of the time. A smart paladin should learn to switch aura properly, adapting to current situation especially considering the zero mana cost.

Retribution aura
Causes holy damage to any creature that strikes a party member. (20 at rank 5; 30 with 2 point in improved retribution aura talent). This is the aura to use when facing a dual wielder character. the amount of damage it can reflect on the attacker is far greater than the mitigation you could have from devotion aura. It’s the aura you have to use versus rogues or warriors (especially fury specced ones). It doesn’t work on ranged strikes like in the past.(damn hunters =_= )

Concentration aura
Gives 35% chance of ignoring spell casting delays caused by damage to nearby party members. With 3 points in improved concentration aura talent change of ignoring spell casting delays raise to 50% plus an additional 15% chance to resist Silence and Interrupt effects.
Probably the more underused aura paladins have, and probably the most useful. This aura, working toghether with the spiritual focus talent is the basement of paladin healing.
The spiritual focus talent grants up to 70% chance to not lose casting time with holy light and flash of light spells when you take damage. Add concentration aura to this and you have over 100% chance to not lose casting time with these 2 spells and a 35% on every other spell you can cast. As you can see this is the reason that makes the paladin a good healer in close combat situation. For more details to this see healing section.

Fire resistance aura
Increases the group's fire resistance (60 at rank 3). Stack with resistance on items but not with other resistance spells. When you’re in a place with lava, flaming mobs and so on could be a good choice :P. Also when you see a enemy mage casting a spell with flaming hands pointing towards you or your group members this aura could be an option. Getting fireball in your face hurts! Seriously! ^_^
I know you all love to see great numbers in your armor stat with devotion aura but deflecting fireballs with the shield is still not a in-game feature so…

Shadow resistance aura
Increases the group's shadow resistance (60 at rank 3). Stack with resistance on items but not with other resistance spells. When you face an enemy priest or warlock this is your aura. Period.

Frost resistance aura
Increases the group's frost resistance (60 at rank 3). Stack with resistance on items but not with other resistance spells. Effective versus frost mages. What are you saying? You can’t see the difference between fire and frost mages? Well here some hints, when your feet are iced and blocked on the ground may be it’s a frost specced mage. Anyway after the first fireball of the first frostbolt directly on your teeth you should be able to pick the correct aura. Incredibly a lot of paladin in pvp still feel the challenge to prove their teeth hardness. >_>

Sanctity aura
Increases Holy damage done by party members by 10%. Holy damage can be delivered only by paladin and some minor priest spells. If a priest want to do damage stay sure it will cast shadow spells so this aura is basically only for paladins benefit. Use only in solo situation it can increase your damage by a good amount. Also if in Arathi Bashin your group loves to spread all over the map (hate this! =_=) and are far away from the 30 yards limit, this aura could be an option. Not all paladins have Sanctity aura. It can only be gained through a specific talent in retribution tree.

Which aura should I use if more than one paladin is present?
If 2 paladins are in group start with Devotion + Concentration aura. Talk with the other paladin in order to know who got improved devotion aura or improved concentration aura talents and assign aura accordingly. While one paladin keeps concentration aura all the time, the other switch to resistance auras if needed in the encounter or even retribution aura if the paladin is tanking (see tanking section for details). If more than 2 paladins are present go for devotion, concentration and a resistance aura, as needed by the situation.

What about other classes resistance buffs?
Your resistance auras stack only with item bonuses and don't stack with other classes buffs involving resistances like priest's shadow protection or druid's mark of the wild. If this situation occurs only higher buff to a given resistance is taken into consideration. So for example:
- if the priest buffs you with shadow protection (+60 resistance to shadow) activating your shadow protection aura is totally useless.
- if the druid buffs you with mark of the wild rank 7 (+285 to armour, all attributes +12 and all resistance +20) and you activate shadow protection aura, your resistance to shadow will be 60 (+item bonuses), while fire, frost, arcane and nature resistance will be 20 (+ item bonuses).


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devotion aura give me more chance to kills some enemy and add more defense stat for a while and useful to escape

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