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Friday, December 16, 2005

Other abilities

Cleanse and Purify
These 2 abilities are one of the main paladin assets. Mana cost is 120 for both. Purify is obtained at low level (8) and can remove one disease effect and one poison effect from a friendly target. Cleanse can remove one disease effect, one poison effect and one magic effect. It’s effective both in pvp and pve, removing effects to a lot of other classes abilities. Note that it can’t remove curses.
Here you have some examples of abilities cleanse spell removes:
Rogues: all the poisons they apply on their weapons
Mages: various freeze effects, polymorph (on other players only), ignite
Druid: entangling roots, moonfire lasting effect
Hunters: viper sting, serpent sting etc.
Paladins: debuffing judgements
Priests: shadow word pain, mind flay impairing effect, devouring plague
Shaman: various movement impairing effects
Warlock: immolate, death coil (on other players only), siphon life.

Consecrates the land beneath the paladin in a 10 yds range doing X damage over 8 seconds to enemies who enter area. It’s a damage over time (dot) spell with an area of effect so every seconds it lasts only enemies that are still in the area (or who enter) take damage. The consecration damage is influenced by sanctity aura, judgement of the crusader and vengeance. It’s also influenced by +X spell damage items (33% of nominal effect). In this case the effect is added on total damage and then shared on every tick. This spell can’t crit.

Cooldown on this ability is 8 seconds so it’s spammable freely but as you can notice its mana cost is very high. Nevertheless it’s a powerful tool as it can add from 48 to 67 dps to your damage output against a single target, but obviously shines in a multiple target situation. Spamming a rank 1 consecration is a awesome anti-stealth rogues tool. It can also be casted when you’re shielding (BoP or divine shield) preventing your enemy from bandaging.

Divine Favor (DF)
This active ability can be obtained via talent in holy tree. When you active it, your next holy light or flash of light heal spell has a 100% chance to crit (150% effect). Cooldown is on 2 minutes. Prior to 1.9 patch you have to cast holy light or flash of light spell within 8 seconds from this ability activation, but this limit no longer apply. This talent prerequisite is 5 points in illumination (100% chance to get mana spent back when a holy light or flash of light spell crits) thus you get a critical heal at zero mana cost every 2 minutes.

Divine Intervention (DI)
It’s a tool to prevent group / raid wipe in extreme situations. When you cast it on a party / raid member:

  • You die. Istant. (but don’t suffer 10% damage to equipment as usual)

  • Your target is shielded for 3 minutes. (was 30 sec till 1.8)

  • Your target is put totally out of combat. This means that while shielded its aggro is reset to zero and all mobs will ignore it at all.

So if you cast it on another resser, after the mob have killed all your remaining party members they will return to their origin spot ignoring your shielded mate.
This spell requires a Symbol of Divinity reagent (cost = 20s) and is on a 1 hour cooldown.

Divine Shield (DS) and Divine Protection
The utterly famous paladin’s invulnerability shield. Self castable only. At lower levels you get Divine Protection, that makes you invulnerable to all sources of damage for x seconds, then at higher levels you get Divine Shield that in addition to invulnerability let’s you attack in melee at 50% reduced speed. Both this abilities share the same cooldown, so at higher levels you use divine shield only. Last rank of divine shield gives you 12 seconds of invulnerability. This means that you can place easily some heals without any interruption or get out of several deadly situation. Divine shield can also be casted even when you’re feared or polymorphed and it blocks immediately damage, debuffs and curses you are suffering. Divine Protection, Divine Shield and Blessing of Protection targets will receive the "forberance" debuff, preventing another of these three spells from being applied to that target for one minute.

Istant direct damage spell that works on undead and demon mobs (undead players are considered “forsaken” race so this spell don’t apply). It’s on a 15 seconds cooldown. It deals holy damage so JoTc and sanctity aura affects it, also 43% of +X damage to spell item is applied. It can crit like every spell for 150% normal damage. This spell shines obviously in undead populated instance like Stratholme and Scholomance but can be also used in PvP against warlock’s pets, all labeled as demons.

Eye for an Eye
This is a passive ability from a talent in retribution tree. If a critical spell hits you, up to 30% of magic damage is taken by caster as well. Please note that the damage you deal back with this ability is holy damage. This means that will normally not resisted at all. Moreover this ability can crit too dealing 150% of the damage and is afflicted by +X spell damage items! At the moment is a 100% conversion from +X spell damage items!

Flash of Light

Hammer of Justice (HoJ)
One of the most powerful abilities in a paladin arsenal. Stuns a target up to 6 seconds (at max rank). Range is 10 yards, cooldown 1 minute (45 seconds with Improved HoJ talent in protection tree). Remember that stuns are afflicted by diminishing returns if more than one is dealed to the same target in a minute time span. So for example if you have Improved HoJ talent and use HoJ twice in 45 seconds, the 2nd stun will not last full duration. Same if another pala uses HoJ, a warrior charge, or a rogue gouge your same target. Seal of Justice procs make exception to this rule (see its description).

Hammer of Wrath (HoW)
Hurls a glowing hammer that strikes an enemy up to a 30 yards distance dealing holy damage. Works only if target has less than 20% health. Casting time is 1,5 seconds. Remember that if target health regrowth over 20% while you’re casting, spellcasting is stopped. JotC, sanctity aura and +X spell damage items (43% conversion) affects it. This spell works in a manner similar to Seal of Command, is considered like a strike so it can miss or be blocked, parried and dodged, but when it hits can crit for 200% normal damage. However, when calculating damage, resistances comes in play so its damage is usually at full potential.

Holy Light
2,5 sec cast.
Rank 1 heals 39-47, 35 mana
Rank 2 heals 76-90, 60 mana
Rank 3 heals 159-187, 110 mana
Rank 4 heals 310-356, 190 mana
Rank 5 heals 491-553, 275 mana
Rank 6 heals 698-780, 365 mana
Rank 7 heals 945-1053, 465 mana (1058-1179 with 3 points in Healing Light talent)
Rank 8 heals 1246-1388, 580 mana (1396-1554 with 3 points in Healing Light talent)
Rank 9 heals 1590-1770, 660 mana (1780-1983 with 3 points in Healing Light talent)
New rank 9 Holy Light from Ahn'Qiraj 20 book drop

Holy Shield
Increases chance to block by 30% for 10 seconds and deals damage for each attack blocked when active. Each block expend a charge. 4 charges. Damage caused by holy shield causes 20% additional threat.
Rank 1 deals 65 holy damage every block
Rank 2 deals 95 holy damage every block
Rank 3 deals 130 holy damage every block
From 1.10 patch +spell damage equip affects again holy shield 20% of nominal value (so 5% on every charge).

Holy Shock (HS)
It’s an instant direct damage holy spell, obtained via a talent in holy tree (final talent of the tree). Range is 20 yards and cooldown is 30 seconds. From 1.9 patch if used on a friendly target works as a istant heal spell. Is affected by JotC, Sanctity aura, +X spell damage items (when used offensively, 43% conversion) and +X healing items (when used for healing purposes, 43% conversion). Its mana/damage and mana/healed points ratio are far from effective but remember that HS is one of the few ranged tools our class can get.

Holy Wrath
It’s an area of effect (AoE) version of exorcism. Affects all (enemy) demons and undeads in a 20 yards range. Cooldown is one minute. It’s not an instant spell like exorcism, casting time is 2 seconds.

It’s affected by sanctity aura, JotC (only the mob with the judgement effect) and +X holy damage items. It can crit for 150% normal damage.

Lay on hands (LoH)
This is the paladin "extra life" on a 1 hour cooldown. It burns all of the paladin remaining mana (regardeless how much it can be, 100% of mana pool or only 1 mana point) and heals your friendly target for an amount equal to paladin current maximum health (bonus from items and buffs included). Higher ranks of lay on hands spell will give back the paladin some mana (550 mana points at rank 3). This spell can crit as every other healing spell (150%). With 2 points in improved Lay on hands talent in holy tree, cooldown can be lowered to 40 min, moreover a 30% bonus to your armour is granted for 2 minutes.

This passive ability is obtained via a talent in protection tree. You can spend up to 5 points for a chance to gain a extra attack after being victim of a critical hit from opponents (melee, ranged or spell). Every point will grant you a 20% chance so with 5 points you have 100% to gain the extra attack. This talent is great vs classes with high crit chance like rogues. If you have a seal active (for example SoR) when you are crit, the extra attack will benefit from it, like any other regular attack. Actually the talent is bugged so instead of granting you a real extra attack it simply reset your weapon swing timer to zero. Your extra attack is dealed immediately but you have to wait your full weapon swing time for next attack.
Reckoning bomb
If you are not on auto attack mode (left click on target instead of right click) and you're victim of a crit the extra attack is "stored" and will be unleashed when you enter auto attack mode. You can store up to 4 extra attack. When you enter auto attack mode then 5 attacks (normal attack + 4 extra attacks) will be dealed immediately and current seal and bonus will affect them. This can cause massive amount of damage, even insta killing your opponent. Be aware that if you enter auto attack mode and your target is not at range, all your stored extra attack will vanish. For a successful reckoning bomb a good tactic is to use HoJ as soon as you enter in auto attack mode, so your target is stunned and can't dodge / parry / block all the attacks.

The ability to resurrect other players is given by a quest at level 10 from our class trainer. Do this quest ASAP since this spell is our class invaluable asset. Paladin can not ress when in combat. Redemption has 5 ranks (last at lvl 60) which improve the quantity of mana and heath players resurrect with (at rank 5 600 health 800 mana). In order to resurrect a player you can select its body from group interface but, if it has already released his spirit, you need to cast on dead body directly.

It's an incapacitating effect that last up to 6 seconds and puts your target in a state of meditation. If your target is damaged, repentance effect will stop immediately. This ability is obtained via a talent in retribution tree (final talent of the tree). It's an incapacitating effect so you can unleash JoC on a target affected by repentance and have full effect. Works on humanoids only (players included).

Righeous Fury (RF)
Righteous Fury (level 16) - Increases the threat generated by the Paladin's Holy attacks by 60%. Lasts 30 minutes. This self buff is our class main tanking tool from 1.9 patch and replaces old Seal and Judgement of Fury that now no longer exist. For a detailed and exaustive explanation over threat and aggro mechanics in PvE enviroment pls read Tanking section.

Sense Undead
Shows the location of all nearby undead mob (not players) on the minimap until cancelled. Useful in some istance like Stratholme, Scholomance and part of Dire Maul to avoid patrols incoming without warning.

Turn Undead
The targeted undead enemy mob (not players) will be compelled to flee for up to X sec. Damage caused may interrupt the effect. Cast time is 1,5 seconds. Only one target can be turned at a time. Range is 20 yards and cooldown is 30 seconds.


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