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Monday, December 19, 2005


Seal of the Crusader (SoCr)
When activate the Seal of the Crusader grants augmented attack power. Moreover the attack speed is 40% faster but damage is scaled accordingly. Attack power from this seal can be increased with Improved Seal of the Crusader talent in retribution tree (up to 15%). Mana costs can also be lowered with benediction talent.

Seal of Righteousness (SoR)
When this seal is active, on every melee swing additional holy damage is dealt at your target. This additional damage can also trigger effects from judgement of light and judgement of wisdom. The damage variance showed in this table depends on weapon speed. Faster weapon will add damage close to lower limit, while slower weapons will deal damage closer to upper limit. The damage dealed can be increased with Improved Seal of Righteousness talen in Holy tree.
Judgement of the crusader influences this seal damage. Mana cost, as for all seals, is influenced by Benediction talent.

Seal of Justice (SoJ)
Each melee attack has a chance to stun target for 2 seconds. These stuns are nor affected neither affect other stuns with diminishing returns mechanic. So every time this seals proc the stun (if not resisted) will always lasts 2 sec. It’s a good seal expecially versus casters and healers.

Seal of Command (SoC)
Melee attacks have a chance (on average 7 times every minute) to deal additional holy damage for an amount equal to 70% of weapon's damage. This seal is obtained via a talent in the retribution tree. It’s usually considered the main damage source of paladin class. SoC has 7 ppm (proc per minute) on average.
Judgement of the crusader influences this seal.
The Seal of Command is considered like a melee swing when the game calculate its to hit chances. This means that it has as chance to hit as your normal auto-attack and can be also parried, blocked and dodged. On the other side the chances it crits are also your normal chances to crit on melee swings and when it crits it does for 200% damage, not 150% like a spell. However on the damage calculation is considered as an holy spell hence resistances and not armor comes in play. Like we have seen in the previous chapters holy resistance in game is quite absent so normally the holy damage is dealed at its full potential. Mana costs are influenced by benediction talent in retribution tree.

Notice that from rank 1 to rank 5 there isn’t any difference on effect. Higher ranks however will grant an enhanced amount of direct damage when this seal is judged and Judgement of Command takes place.

Seal of Light (SoL)
Each melee attack has chance to heal the Paladin for x health points. Chances this effect will proc are every hit so wielding a fast 1 handed weapon will be an advantage.

Seal of Wisdom (SoW)
each melee attack has a chance to restore x mana points. Chances this effect will proc are every hit so wielding a fast 1 handed weapon will be an advantage.


Blogger ThereFromHere said...

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10:16 AM  
Anonymous snow said...

Just a couple things I spotted on the aggro section. A warrior cannot get 1,300 aggro in a single sunder armor. Sunder armor does 261 threat. Defensive stance is a 1.3 multiplier, and defiance ups that to 1.45. There is no additional threat from being the first to aggro. All healing except paladin healing, to my knowledge, uses the .5 modifier. Paladin healing is less. You also might want to note that the threshold for a mob switching targets is 110% threat of the main target for players within melee and 130% for players at range. Righteous fury is also broken in that the multiplier is not applied to retribution aura or blessing of sanctuary, though both are slated to be fixed next patch.

I really hope they give us a real aggro generation tool next patch once they realize the complete lack of a point in the proetection tree past 60 in 1.9. They've managed to completely negate the point of wearing plate in group pve. I would like to see Holy Shield moved back down and some other sort of aggro ability (Shield Smite?) moved in its place. Hell, I'd spec 0/0/0 if I could have SoF back.

There are apparently AQ trinkets that decrease threat generated by 90% for 15 seconds. I would like to see some reversed trinkets for paladins.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there I am a little confused about Seal of Command, you say that it does 70% of weapon's damage, so the more AP you get do you get more damange from Seal of Command as well?

2:01 AM  
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Anonymous charge off said...

Retribution Paladins may now actually end up using Seal of the Crusader, as it now gives a 40% damage increase to their Crusader Strike.

3:08 AM  
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A Crusader's judgement means death to his foes and strength unto his allies.

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