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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


As you advance through levels your stats will increase automatically. But you can also raise stats with equipment. Unfortunately unlike most classes we need to raise all the stats. Obviously some choices have to be made according to your playstyle. Let’s see how the stats influences your character.(note that all the formulas reported are intended for paladin class and do not works on other classes).



Increases your attack power with melee weapons. (+2 atk power every point of strenght)
Increases the amount of damage you can block with a shield.
Strength does not affect critical hit chances at all. Strength does not improve your chance to block, but rather the amount of damage blocked when you succeed. This amount is determined in part by Strength (and the other part by your shield).

This is the attack power formula for paladin class:

(Character Level*3)+(Strength*2)-20

Considering that 14 attack power = 1 dps (damage per second) we see that every 7 point of strenght 1 dps is added to our damage output.


Increases your armor. (+2 every point of agility)
Increases your chance to score a critical hit with a weapon. (+1% every 20 pts)
Increases your chance to dodge attacks. (~+1% every 20 pts)


Increases health points. Each point of Stamina gives you an additional 10 HP.


Increases the rate at which you learn weapon skills.
Increases your Mana points. Each point of intellect gives you 15 Mana points.
Increases your chance to score a critical hit with spells. A number between 27,5 and 29, 5 points of Intellect equal 1% chance to crit with spells. See this post for details.


Increases health regeneration. No regeneration in combat. There is 1 tick of regeneration every 2 seconds equal to Spirit * 0.25
Increases mana regeneration. Your mana regenerates all of the time, except for a period of five seconds after you cast a spell. In this five seconds, you have no regeneration. This is commonly called the five second rule. A spell here is defined as anything that costs mana to cast. So spells from items or aura doesn’t start the timer. Mana regenerates according to how much spirit you have. You do not mana regen faster if you are sitting down or standing up. You do not mana regen faster in battle or out of battle. There is 1 tick of regeneration every 2 seconds equal to (Spirit/4) + 8

Other stats


Armor reduces physical damage done against you. Thus isn’t protecting you from magic damage, that is what resistance are for.

Paladin Armor = 2 * Agility + objects armor + shield armor + devotion aura

Armor can be increased also with toughness and improved devotion aura talents.
When you are hit by physical damage armor grants a percentage reduction calculated as follows:

%Reduction = (Armor / (Armor + 400 + 85 * Enemy_Level)) * 100

Damage mitigation by armor is capped at 75%. This means 16500 armor vs a lvl 60 enemy. You can see your damage mitigation % from character sheet in game. Just go with mouse pointer over armor value.


Each point of +Defense skill adds:
+ 0.04% to be missed
+ 0.04% to Parry
+ 0.04% to Dodge
+ 0.04% to Block
- 0.04 to be affected by a critical hit
Thus +25 Defense = +1% to Parry, Dodge and Block, -1% to be affected by a crit and +1% to be missed.
Remember that miss and dodge chances works against physical and magic attacks while dodge and block only on physical ones.
Moreover decreases the chance of being affected by a "crushing blow". Creatures (not players) that are higher 3 or more levels than your character can land crushing blows that deal increased (150%) melee damage. Now you understand why that damned 63 elite Molten Destroyer in Molten Core hit a lot harder than that 62 elite Molten Giant >_^
Each point of defense will decrease the chance of being affected by a Crushing Blow by 2%. However this percentage will be added only if your actual defense is under your level cap (level * 5 so 300 max at 60). The minimum percentage of crushing blow is 15% so… stay away from level 63 mobs :P

So calculating our defenses we have:

Dodge chance [%] = Agility / 20 + (Defense * 0,04)

Block chance [%] = 5 - (Level * 5 - base defense)*0.04 + (global defense – character defense)*0.04

Parry chance [%] = 5 - (Level * 5 - base defense)*0.04 + (global defense – character defense)*0.04

The base defense is your level based unbuffed value.Is the one you see increase every level by five points and its capped at 300 at level 60. Global defense is your base defense + defense from items and is the one you see in your character sheet in game.
Block and parry chance can be raised from talents (redoubt and holy shield for block and deflection for parry) and items.
Defence can be raised from anticipation talent (up to ten) and items.

+% to Hit

Your +X% to hit is directly subtracted from your miss rate, as stated from blizzard developers.

+ x% Spell Hit

Increases chances that a spell will affect successfully your target. When a spell is casted the game performs 2 checks.
The first is based on level difference from you and your target. So if your target is
Same level 96%
1 lvl higher 95%
2 lvls higher 94%
3 lvls higher 83% on mobs 87% on players
4 lvls higher 72% on mobs 80% on players
and so on…
your +x% spell hit affects directly these chances. The second check done by the game is based on resistences. If you want to know more about this give a sight at the following magic resistances section.

Magic resistances

After the first check based on opponents level there’s a roll based on your resistance against that kind of spell damage. Magic branch in wow are: fire, frost, arcane, shadow, nature and holy. You can raise resistance with items and auras. Dwarven paladins benefits from racial abilities +10 frost resistance also.
Your resistances to magic damage (except holy) can be seen in your character sheet in game. Holy is not represented because every player has zero resistance to holy damage and there isn’t any item in game that can raise it. Only defence in game against holy damage is an alchemist potion that absorbs a fixed amount of it. Notice that some mobs have holy resistance (especially bosses).
The paladin class spells deals holy damage so they are not influenced by resistences. However resistences counts when the enemy spell hits us so here’s the explanation:

%Resistance = (Target's Resistance / (Caster's Level * 5)) * 0.75

The cap to spell resistance is 75%. To reach the cap versus a level 60 caster spell requires 300 resist in that school. A paladin resistance aura (60 resist) grants 15% to avoid the spell vs a lvl 60 caster.

For spells that don't cause immediate damage, you'll either totally take the hit or totally avoid the hit. The % resistance is the chance you'll totally avoid the hit. Against direct-damage spells (spells that deliver their full damage upon impact, such as Fireball, Mind Blast, and Earth Shock), this resistance is the percentage of damage you will resist on average.

When you are hit by a direct-damage spell, you have a chance to resist 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, or 0% of the spell's damage, depending on your resistance score in relation to the level of the attacking caster. Your average percentage of damage resisted is the weighted average of your resistance percentages for each level of damage resistance (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, and 0%).

+ x%Crit and +x%Spell Crit

Base chances of a crit are as follows:

Spells = [5 + INT/X*]%

Melee = [5 + AGI/18]%

X* should be a number in the 27,5 - 29,5 range

So crit chances are directly related to intellect and agility stats. They can also be increased with items with +X% crit o +X% spell crit or also with talents (holy power for spells and conviction for melee).
Melee crits are 200% normal damage while spells crits are 150% normal damage.
Important: your weapon skill affect crit chances. If your weapon skill is under your level cap (5 * level, 300 at level 60) subtracts 0.04% every point under the cap. Also if your weaponskill is higher than your level cap (from items or racial abilities) your crit chance is raised 0.04% every point. So i.e. if you are a human paladin you’re guaranteed +5 weaponskill in swords and maces that means a +0.2% to crit (if you have your weaponskill capped).
You can see your melee %crit in game calling your spellbook (p key) and going with mouse over the attack icon.
Critical hits can't be blocked, dodged or parried.

+ healing and + spell damage

These items add a bonus to heals or damage spells. However the number advertised on the item doesn’t represent reality. Only a fraction of the total bonus is added on the spell depending on factor like casting time, etc.
From patch 1.10 we have this coefficients :

10% Seal of Righteousness with 1 handed weapon
12,5% Seal of Righteousness with 2 handed weapon
50% Judgement of Righteousness
20% Seal of Command
29% Seal of Command (only with +holy damage bonuses)
43% Judgement of Command
33% Consecration
43% Holy Shock
43% Hammer of Wrath
43% Exorcism
19% Holy Wrath
00% Blessing of Sanctuary ;_;
20% Holy Shield
00% Retribution Aura ;_;
71% Holy Light
43% Flash of Light
100% Eye for an Eye

This means for example that if you have +100 healing from items your holy light spell will get an increase of 71 hitpoints healed.


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dude! The ammount of info is stunning. Please make a pvp section and a gear section for complete ass whoping guide.

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Is the 00% a typo from BoÍ, Holy SHield and Ret aura? Wasn't Holyshield supposed to benefit from +damage greatly?

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Blogger Pacio said...

unfortunately not. :( Actually these 3 abilities don't benefit from + spell damage. You can also notice it, when JotC is active. The crusader judgement works esactly as a +spell damage bonus. No damage is added to retribution aura holy shield or blessing of sacrifice.

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Just thought I'd point out that the correct value for spell crit is INT/29.5 without the +5 (i.e. there is no base spell crit). This has been confirmed during multiple parsing attempts on the forums.


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According to WoWWiki, spirit based mana regen varies by class. For paladins, they say it's spi/5 + 15 per tick.

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Do you have a coefficient for Seal of Vengence?

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Is this information still current? I see under the armor section you said "16500 vs a lvl 60 enemy"... wouldn't it say 70 if it was current information?

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